Point of Care Solutions

Delivering Diagnostics for Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Point of Care Solutions

The Right Test, In the Right Place, At the Right Time.

Whether in a busy Emergency Department, a doctor’s office, or in a community care setting, point of care testing (POCT), enables rapid clinical decision making, that can both streamline, and improve the patients journey through the clinical pathway. Access to convenient and affordable testing, provides the clinical information necessary for timely diagnosis, that can improve patient outcomes for both preventable, and non-preventable illnesses. Our point of care solutions range are aimed to get the right test, in the right place, at the right time for your patients.




POCT Haematology






Rapid Tests


Revolutionising Diagnostics

Advances and innovation in diagnostic technologies is making point of care testing systems a viable and comparable alternative to laboratory testing methods. Portable, efficient, and highly accurate, POCT equipment is set to revolutionise the diagnostic landscape and we believe the use cases are truly limitless. Working with some of the world’s most talented and most experienced manufactures, Prestige Diagnostics is equipped to offer point of care solutions for Biochemistry, Haematology, PCR, CLIA, and HbA1c analysis.

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Point of Care Lifestyle

Access to affordable, quick, and meaningful clinical diagnostics can create the opportunity for patients to get rapid and personalised care that could not only improve but save lives. Early detection of disease can greatly reduce later complications and mortality rates, and giving the patient relevant clinical information can help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, live longer, and potentially avoid the effects of preventable diseases.

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Clinical Decision Making


Integrating point of care testing to the healthcare system can provide numerous advantages over a wide range of settings. The added speed and efficiency of POCT can improve workflow when managing patients within the hospital through ease of sampling, and reduced sample handling streamlining the process and eliminating delays. Access to rapid diagnostic information can give clinicians the ability to refer, monitor, and discharge patients more effectively, improving Emergency Department throughput as well as in Outpatient centres. POCT at the initial stages of primary care and in community care settings enables clinicians to better direct the clinical pathway for the patient, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving overall patient care. Quick, effective, and easy to use, implementing POCT systems can provide a cost-effective solution for patient management without compromising quality in healthcare pathology services.

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Applying POCT

Limitless Applications

POCT systems have a wide variety of use cases, in a multitude of settings, and for many types of organisations. From private clinics and hospitals, national healthcare, contracted medical services, community primary care, emergency care, lifestyle and wellbeing clinics, corporate and government health screening, and sports science, point of care testing has a place; the applications are limitless.


Expand your testing capabilities and empower your clinicians with point of care testing.

Having the tools for rapid and reliable diagnosis will enable your Clinic to deliver quick, personalised treatment for your patients. With easy-to-use systems, capable of covering a wide range of diagnostic areas, you can gain the knowledge to make the right choice for each individual and prescribe their route back to health more effectively. Ease of sampling and removing the need for samples to be sent away for analysis, can help to deliver timely, stress-free diagnosis, reduce costs, and provide efficient and effective care for your patients.


A service for a community.

As one of the centres of a community and at the forefront of primary care, giving your clients access to fast, affordable, while you wait testing, can greatly enhance the services you provide along with traditional OTC offerings. Knowledge is power, and POCT can empower the people in your community by giving them the diagnostic information needed to make the best choices for their health.


Personalised diagnostics within minutes.

With a wide range of assays available on easy to operate, specialised systems, POCT can provide the information your doctors, clinicians, and physicians need to advise on heath, dietary, and lifestyle programs for their clients looking to boost their wellbeing and live healthier, happier lives.


Diagnostics delivered.

The ideal application for community diagnostics and mobile diagnostic services, POCT solutions simplify the testing process and provide detailed clinical information, on site, all within a small footprint. With easy to use and store reagent systems, and powerful analytical performance, our range of point of care solutions can help you better deliver diagnostics directly to the community.

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