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About The DP-H10

    DP-H10 POCT Automatic Haematology Analyser:

    Innovating for enhanced healthcare

    The world’s first point of care haematology analyser that incorporates CBC, CRP, and SAA. Efficient, convenient, and clinically significant, the DP-H10 from Dymind provides maintenance free operation and advanced testing capabilities in numerous primary and secondary care settings.


    Simplifying diagnostics for enhanced patient care

    The DP-H10 automatic point of care haematology analyser from Dymind, is the world’s first to integrate assays for CRP and SAA proteins to aid in the detection infection and inflammation alongside complete blood count POCT. Utilising the impedance method for WBC, RBC and PLT, cyanide free colorimetry for HGB concentration, and latex-enhanced nephelometry for CRP and SAA analysis, the DP-H10 provides advanced performance in a compact platform. The revolutionary kit design greatly reduces reagent waste and replaces the fluid path of traditional analysers giving maintenance free operation. 23 parameters (including CRP and SAA) can be measured using either venous, or capillary blood samples without loss of accuracy. Simple yet sophisticated, the DP-H10 provides convenient operation and comprehensive clinical information in any setting.
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    Advanced Technology meets Clinical Efficiency

    • Optimised test results with impedance methodology providing 21 blood parameters plus 2 specific protein measurements (CRP/SAA)
    • 4-minute test time and simple one-click operation
    • Maintenance free with no fluid path or carry over
    • Integrated single use kit design, minimising reagent consumption and reducing cost
    • Low sample volume when using capillary blood while maintaining accuracy
    • Automatic correction technology for HCT
    • Compact size with optional battery bank

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    Clinically Significant

    Point of care haematology testing offers distinct clinical and operational advantages when applied in various healthcare settings, in particular, when combined with CRP and SAA tests. From rapid evaluation in emergency departments, testing in chemotherapy centres, and community-based testing, the vital information obtained from these routine tests when conducted near patient, can aid in better clinical decision making which in turn, streamlines patient care, saves valuable hospital resources, and informs better medication prescription without the need for delay. Automated haematology POCT provides powerful clinical diagnostic information quickly and in any setting for clinicians, enabling them to deliver rapid and personalised care for their patients. Dymind’s DP-H10 is an outstanding performer that fulfils this role perfectly and without compromise.

    Dymind Biotechnology Co. Ltd. have been innovating in the field of high-tech haematology IVD manufacture since 2013. With a huge dedication to research and development, their pursuit of advancement and evolution, focused on their customer’s needs, has helped them achieve a prominent worldwide presence in the haematology market. Driven by innovation, Dymind are incorporating the latest technologies into their products, which includes the use of AI and digital detection technologies to aid with clinical diagnostics. Dymind are an energetic and exciting company whose innovation promises to lead the way in healthcare in the years to come.

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    DP-H10 Specifications

    • Parameters: WBC, Gran#, Lym#, Mid#, Gran%, Lym%, Mid%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC, CRP, SAA, RBC Histogram, PLT Histogram, WBC Histogram
    • Display: 10.4 inch touch screen
    • Interfaces: USB x4, LAN, Thermal Printer, USB peripherials
    • Internal storage: 512M
    • Power: AC 100V~240V
    • Dimensions: 270mm (W) x 300mm (L) x 390mm (H)
    • Weight: 13 kg
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