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Our range of complete of UK Manufactured, ready-to-use In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagent & Assay kits; offer practical performance and reliability for clinical diagnostics and point-of-care testing. We supply the following reagent and test kits:

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Working with leading suppliers within the industry, we source and test all our raw materials to ensure they are of the highest quality for our finished products. Our ISO:13485:2016-certified manufacturing processes ensure adherence to strict quality standards.

We offer a wide range of in-vitro diagnostic reagents and assays for patient screening and the testing and monitoring of diseases, health conditions and infections. These give you the critical information needed to provide patients with the best possible treatment and therapeutic care.

Our reagent kits can be used with all the analysers we supply. We also have applications for all open-system analysers, which means you can take our multi-purpose reagent and program it into your analyser. Most analysers are open systems, meaning they can work with different manufacturers’ reagents.

ISO Certificate

Certified Clinical Chemistry Manufacturer

As a British clinical chemistry manufacturer, most of our reagents and test kits carry the UKCA mark of quality assurance for the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

Our products are approved for sale in Great Britain and we can also supply the certification required for distribution across the rest of the world.

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What are In Vitro Diagnostic Assays?




In vitro diagnostic assays are tests performed in a controlled environment, like a laboratory, outside of a living organism. These assays are used to detect diseases, conditions, or infections by analysing biological samples such as blood, urine, or tissue. They play a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring diseases, as well as in evaluating the effectiveness of treatments. Examples include blood glucose testing, HIV testing, and pregnancy tests.

What is an In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent?




An in vitro diagnostic reagent is a chemical or substance used in in vitro diagnostic tests to detect, measure, or produce a reaction with the components of a sample. These reagents are essential for the specific and accurate detection of biological markers or analytes in the samples being tested. They can include substances like antibodies, enzymes, or nucleotides, depending on the type of assay.

What are IVD Test Kits?




IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) test kits are packaged sets of reagents and associated materials or devices used to conduct diagnostic tests in a laboratory setting. These kits are designed to perform a specific test and typically include all the necessary components, such as reagents, control materials, and sometimes equipment, to carry out the test. They are used for a wide range of purposes, from diagnosing infectious diseases to genetic testing and monitoring chronic conditions.