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Dymind Biotechnology Co. Ltd. have been innovating in the field of high-tech haematology IVD manufacture since 2013. With a huge dedication to research and development, their pursuit of advancement and evolution, focused on their customer’s needs, has helped them achieve a prominent worldwide presence in the haematology market. Driven by innovation, Dymind are incorporating the latest technologies into their products, which includes the use of AI and digital detection technologies to aid with clinical diagnostics. Dymind are an energetic and exciting company whose innovation promises to lead the way in healthcare in the years to come.

Dymind DH76



Intelligent Efficiency


With a throughput of up to 90 tests per hour and continuous loading of up to 60 samples, the DH76 automatic 5-part differential haematology analyser from Dymind offers high efficiency for the most demanding laboratories.

Performance and reliability are ensured with Dymind’s advanced flow cytometry, tri-angle laser scatter, and their patented dual-syringe technology, coupled with Intelligent operation and adaptive intelligent Diff technology, the DH76 outputs three 2D and one 3D scattergram with a distinct Diff for abnormal samples which can flag pathological markers. The DH76 has multiple sample modes and micro sample aspiration volume of 20µl for whole blood. The user friendly, ergonomic design provides simple daily operation, user defined parameters, and supports Bi-directional LIS for easy data management.

For efficient, reliable, and intelligent performance, the DH76 is the perfect solution for the laboratory looking to boost its performance.

Dymind DF55

Economic, Compact, Intuitive


The DF55 from Dymind gives advanced analytical performance for 5-part differential haematology in a compact platform. Using Tri-angle semi-conductor laser scattering, the DF55 can show cellular complexity, granularity, and volume providing the utmost accuracy in WBC differentiation. The advanced flow cytometry also gives a stable sheath fluid, ensuring every cell flows one by one for analysis.

The analyser also has an independent Basophilis (BASO) channel that can be used alongside DIFF testing, contributing to more precise results. This BASO channel has important clinical significance in detecting conditions such as Leukaemia, Anaphylactic Disease, and Cancer.

Easy to operate, with bi-directional LIS, and a compact, ergonomic design, the DF55 is a powerhouse for 5-part haematology in the smaller laboratory.

Dymind DH36

Convenient, Capable, Efficient


The DH36 is a excellent performer, fit for the demands of the modern laboratory. With 21 reportable parameters and 3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT, the analyser also boasts an intuitive user interface, supporting bi-directional LIS. The compact design and built in lyse compartment save space, and it requires only a 9µl sample volume for analysis.

With impressive repeatability, the analyser utilises the Impedance method for WBC, RBC, and PLT, and cyanide free colorimetry for the HGB test.

For convenient 3-part differential haematology analysis, the DH36 from Dymind offers an economic, efficient, and reliable solution for any lab.

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