Automated CLIA Analyser

Snibe Maglumi X3:

Empower your laboratory

Powerful and compact, the Maglumi X3 is the latest generation of CLIA analyser from Snibe Diagnostics Maglumi range. Providing an extensive test menu for immunologic diagnosis and combined with an elegant, ergonomic design, the Maglumi X3 is an ideal system for delivering chemiluminescent immunoassays in small to medium sized hospitals, ED’s, outpatient clinics, specialist laboratories, and primary care institutions.


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Save Space Without Compromise

Designed with the user in mind, the Maglumi X3 supports no-pause loading and unloading of reagents and samples while maintaining a throughput of 200 tests per hour, all with a footprint of just 0.68m2. An intuitive and intelligent user interface facilitates seamless operation with real-time monitoring of procedures and reagent/consumable quantities at a glance. The outstanding design of the X3 is aimed towards excellent performance, utilising proprietary technologies (with a total of 174 patents), including their latest intelligent wash technology and bidirectional temperature control, guarantees accurate and reliable results. Snibe Diagnostic has also one of the broadest automated CLIA test menus in the world offering over 200 parameters with more assays being developed every year, fulfilling the need of even the most demanding laboratories.
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All Balanced, All Strong

  • One of the highest space efficient CLIA analyzers combined with one of the broadest automated CLIA test menus
  • The throughput is up to 200 tests/hour
  • MAGLUMI® reagent kits (211 parameters) and consumables are compatible with the MAGLUMI® X3
  • No-pause loading/unloading of reagents/samples/reaction cups without waiting or interrupting tests
  • The latest intelligent washing technology and bidirectional temperature control measurement
  • Intelligent UI interface, user-friendly, convenient operation
  • Intuitive indicator light for reagent and consumable levels

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Chemiluminescence immunoassays (CLIA), provides high sensitivity, high specificity immunologic testing over a wide range of analytes. Using antibodies to bind to the target antigen, and luminescent marking (labelling), quick, quantitative analysis of low volume samples can be achieved. There are numerous applications for CLIA in clinical diagnostics including oncology, immunology, endocrinology, fertility, pathology, infectious disease testing, and therapeutic drug monitoring. With the demand and significance of accurate and reliable tests to aid early diagnosis, and to inform treatment techniques, the automated CLIA is increasingly emerging as a high throughput solution that best fits those requirements.


Snibe Diagnostics, established in 1995, have been at the forefront of automated CLIA manufacture with many years of innovation in the field. Two such innovations present in the Maglumi platform are their labelling and separation technologies. The proprietary ABEI non-enzyme small molecule labelling technology has greatly enhanced stability, improving performance in variable storage conditions, and gives an impressive reaction time of 3 seconds. As for labelling, over traditional separation technologies, their immunomagnetic microspheres enhance the speed, performance, and accuracy of the capture, separation, reaction, and detection processes. In short, Snibe Diagnostics achievements with automated CLIA technology and dedication to advancement and innovation, make the Maglumi X3 a serious asset to the modern laboratory, clinician, and their patients.
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MAGLUMI X3 Specifications

MAGLUMI X3 Main Features




  • Chemiluminescence Principle:

Direct Chemiluminescence with ABEI-labelling and Magnetic microbead seperation.


  • Main Features:

200 tests/hour, cubic size <0.68m2, ready to use 24 hours.


  • Reagent Loading:

20 reagent positions with no-pause loading/unloading, 24 hour refrigerated reagent compartment, RFID reading with indicator for real-time monitoring.


  • Sample Loading:

72 sample positions with no-pause loading/unloading and STAT. Barcode recognition and real-time monitoring indicator with LIS connection and manual method for sample editing. Accepts micro sample cups, blood collection tubes and plastic test tubes.


  • Measuring Chamber:

High sensitivity and low-noise photomultiplier tube (PMT) with bidirectional heating and cooling temperature control. Original light pollution isolation technology ensures accurate and reliable results.

MAGLUMI X3 Systems




  • Reaction System:

Single reaction cup with five-sided heating provides uniform incubation at 37⁰C (±3⁰C) simultaneously for 80 cuvettes. Non-contact mixing with different modes before incubation ensures sufficent reaction.


  • Sampling System:

Titanium crushproof needle, Teflon coated for carry-over protection. Liquid level, clot, and collision detection, bubble interference prevention and automatic washing.


  • Consumable System:

Single cup design and no-pause loading/unloading with indicator light for real-time consumable monitoring. System liquid can be loaded 10l at a time.


MAGLUMI X3: Washing




  • Washing:

4-step wash technology with intelligent magnetic feild design and three independent non-contact magnetic microbead vortex cleaning technology. Resuspension washing mode reduces non-specific binding and improves sensitivity. Independent washing unit for the waste liquid needle, completely washes without residue.


Snibe Diagnostics MAGLUMI reagent kits offer one of the broadest automated CLIA test menus in the world.

The MAGLUMI Reagents kits also included calibrators and internal controls, give 10 points master curve plotting and 2 point re-calibration, come with RFID tags with the reagents information, and are stored at 2⁰C to 8⁰C.

MAGLUMI CLIA reagents are continuosly being developed by Snibe Diagnostic. For a full up to date test menu, click the button below to download latest test menu.