POCT Biochemistry Analyser

Delivering Diagnostics for Enhanced Patient Outcomes

SD1 POCT Chemistry Analyser

Revolutionising the Routine

From initial patient screening to disease and treatment monitoring, the essential information gained from routine clinical chemistry tests serve as the backbone of clinical diagnostics. Seamaty’s SD1 provides clinicans with results for renal and liver function, lipids, cardiac markets, electrolyte levels, CRP, HbA1c and general health parameters accurately, conveniently, and within minutes.



Immediate results, anywhere, anytime

The Seamaty SD1 chemistry analyser is a fully automated clinical chemistry system designed for on-site testing, offering a cost-effective solution for small and medium laboratories and primary care settings. Its compact size and easy operation allows healthcare practitioners tests with accurate results in 12 minutes using patented single-use reagent discs which contain up to 19 chemistry tests.


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  • Small sample volume of 100ul, one 10th of a traditional analyser
  • 12-minute test time
  • Easy operation with no sample pre-processing
  • Utilising the photoelectric colourmetric principle and built-in real-time quality control to ensure accuracy
  • Stable, single use reagent disc that contains the lyophilised reagent beads, diluent, internal QC and QR code identifier.
  • Fully automated with online fault diagnosis for real time system monitoring
  • Minimal maintenance and no cleaning with single use reagent tray
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Easy data management with memory for up to 500,000 patient records and LIS connection

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Invaluable Chemistry


Clinical chemistry tests provide essential information that forms the basis of decision making surrounding patient therapy, making them an invaluable resource in clinical diagnostics.

By analysing the biomarkers within patient samples, the clinician can obtain a wealth of information associated with numerous conditions giving a comprehensive overview of the patient’s health. For this reason, clinical chemistry tests for metabolic panels, lipid panels, liver function, and kidney function are considered as routine when monitoring any patient.

Having access to this information in a point of care setting, allows the clinician to deliver rapid diagnosis which can lead to earlier treatment and ultimately, an improved outcome for the patient. As an affordable alternative to laboratory testing, POC chemistry tests can also facilitate earlier detection rates of heart attacks and strokes, when used in primary care, or as a tool for routine screening and health checks.

POCT is a revolutionising the practice of clinical chemistry offering many benefits for the healthcare provider and to the patient. Implementing these systems into our overall healthcare landscape can help improve effective diagnosis and treatment, and even save lives.

Established in 2012, Chengdu Seamaty Technology co. Lt. have grown steadily in the medical diagnostic field specialising in the point of care testing equipment. With robust quality standards and a commitment to investing in innovative R&D, Seamaty have went on to global success with their technologies for which they have obtained numerous patents. The SD1 encapsulates Seamaty’s values, offering advance and reliable diagnostics for life and health all over the world.

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